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Legs Body Finish

Wine tastings for anyone that loves wine

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Champers & Pampers

This event brings local parents together who are happy to drink during the day... the perfect way to meet like minded people. How to taste wine, the wines we like and what food goes well with our choices. Bring your own baby. 

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Corporate & Private Events

We tailor what we do to meet the needs of our clients, at every event we make sure that guests feel relaxed, have a good time and learn something. Our wine tastings are not elitist, they are lively, engaging and approachable.

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Supper Clubs

These evenings guide you through wine pairings to compliment the sublime delights prepared by the kitchen. You will also be given ideas of how to recreate restaurant experiences at home and useful wine buying and off license hacks.

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About Us

We love wine…the taste and the effects. The aim of Legs Body Finish is to bring approachable wine events to people who want to learn more and are happy to make sure we don’t all take ourselves too seriously.
Our ethos is that we believe that the wine that you like, is the best wine in the world. Quite simply there’s no need for snobbery when it comes to taste buds.

Our wine host, Becky, is well informed, having hiccupped her way around the wine world, attended many tastings and has also been studious with her wine qualifications.
These things combined have helped put together delicious combinations of wine and food to sample and explore at our tastings.


Leigh, Champers & Pampers guest

"The best (baby-friendly!) wine tasting, always delivered in a relaxed and really friendly manner. Superb knowledge and recommendations; it’s been one of my favourite Mat leave activities!"
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